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Metalu Plast studies all custom projects and supports you throughout your projects.
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Metalu Plast ships daily abroad
Metalu Plast offers you many custom-made products to best suit your projects!
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Abris de touche orange et blanc aux couleurs de la CĂ´te d'Ivoire

Metalu Plast
a custom-made concept

Since 1980, Metalu Plast has been the leading French manufacturer of sports equipment: custom-made sports fences, multi-sport fields, goals and poles for many sports: football, basketball, rugby, handball, volleyball, tennis...
Metalu Plast sells its products to professionals: distributors, installers, mail order companies, fencers, landscapers, construction companies. We offer our partners the necessary assistance to market and install our equipment: technical data sheets, catalogues, installation manual... Our R&D department is also available to study your specific requests. Our production capacity and experience enable us to meet the most important projects, such as the 2018 football world cup in Russia.

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