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Metalu Plast designs and manufactures a wide range of 11, 8 or 5 player football goals for competition, training or school practice. Football goals to be sealed, portable, foldable, with or without integration of the net in the profile, Metalu Plast adapts to your project.

Metalu Plast manufactures top-of-the-range football goals for training and competition with the Origine France Garantie label.

The football goals we offer are available in steel or aluminium. The steel goals are available in round profile with a diameter of Ø 80 mm. The 11 or 8-player aluminium goals are available in different profiles: round Ø 102 mm (Le Maracana) and ovoid 100/102 mm (Le Millenium).

At Metalu Plast, the cost differences between a steel and aluminium goal are minimal. That’s why we recommend that you choose an aluminium football goal that offers better durability.

Feel free to consult also the football accessories and contact us to answer any questions you may have.