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Sport nets

Metalu Plast offers its customers the possibility to buy nets for their sports equipment whether it is football goal nets, tennis nets, badminton nets or nets for volleyball and beach sports.

We offer you nets made of 3 different materials depending on the use:
Polyethylene (PE) nets for outdoor and indoor use because the material is highly resistant to UV rays.
Polypropylene (PP) nets for outdoor and indoor use due to their UV resistance. These nets are generally more flexible and knotless.
Polyamide (PA) net for indoor use only, fine mesh badminton nets.

Our nets are either wired or braided, depending on the type of use you make of them.
For training and practice in schools, we recommend the use of cable nets, i. e. the strands are twisted to form the yarn. Cable nets are often tied.
For competition or heavy use, polyethylene braided nets offer greater flexibility and can be tied easily.
Double mesh is recommended on tennis nets in the first 6 rows when the diameter of the wire is less than 4 mm, as it offers better resistance where the net is most impacted by balls.
Feel free to contact our sales advisors to guide you through your project and answer any questions you may have