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Metalu Plast offers a wide range of volleyball posts for all categories of games and for all uses, whether for competition, leisure or training.

We offer you high-end equipment for competition. The competition volleyball posts follow the high quality Millenium profile with integrated net for a better tension of the net. The net is tensioned by our new rack and pinion winch with its ergonomic crank handle.

Volleyball competition poles are available in 3 versions:
With ovoid sliding front
With all ovoid post
Made of round aluminium profile

The height adjustment is made using a serigraphic ruler on the post to adapt to all the regulatory heights of each of the game categories for the competition. These posts are suitable for Class A and B competitions, in other words for international and national competitions.

Metalu Plast also offers a wide range of products adapted to training and practice in schools. Whether mobile, sealable, height-adjustable or fixed, made of aluminium or steel, all training posts are compliant with the Sport Code and volleyball use standards.

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