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Street workout equipment

The street workout, or muscle toning for ambitious athletes.
Always attentive to trends and sports practices, whether collective or individual, Metalu Plast invites you to discover its new range of sports equipment dedicated to Street Workout: The Inferno range.

The street workout, or calisthenics, is an ultra-tonic derivative of bodybuilding and fitness practiced by athletes who want to vary their “routines” and approach their training in a complete way. Its origin is controversial, but the founding idea is simple: to take fitness and weight training out of sports halls and use street furniture available to all.

The phenomenon is growing enormously, thanks in particular to Youtube when a few especially impressive training videos were viewed several million times at the end of the 2000s.

Gradually, the ethics of Street workout is becoming more and more distinct from bodybuilding and fitness, in order to acquire its own identity, and to bring together teams that are very active on social networks around the world.

To meet the growing demand of our partners, we have produced a series of 6 street workout equipment in galvanised and plastic-coated steel, specially designed to guarantee optimal resistance to corrosion, time use and muscular stress.

The gripping bars have a non-slip texture and guarantee an excellent grip. Each device includes a label explaining the specific exercises. The legal information and explanations for the financial years correspond to the standards in force. In addition, a space is reserved for installers to provide their contact information.

Pumps, pulls, muscle-ups… We offer you 6 standard layouts with 5 or 6 modules in order to adapt the surface area of the land to the available urban areas. We have also provided billboards at the entrance of each location with legal information. The public will find the recommended meaning in order to complete the Street Workout journey in the best conditions. All devices have passed a series of tests to ensure the safety of users and the public.

Naming the “Inferno” range makes it possible to customize the Street Workout area and to refer to the physical and mental effort that athletes will put in. We are very proud to present this new range which, we are sure, will meet the requirements of the greatest athletes.

Ask our sales representative for the technical data sheets on 02 31 23 22 00 or via the online contact form.