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Metalu Plast manufactures a wide range of handball goals for competition, training and school practice. Facades, arches, material, fixing, covering… Dozens of combinations exist but how to choose the right handball goal? Metalu Plast explains everything.

A handball goal consists of two distinct elements: a front and a pair of hoops to hold the front. The dozens of possible combinations of facade and hoops make it possible to answer all the problems of use and to adapt as well as possible to your project.

Two types of facades coexist in the Metalu Plast range. Offering a play dimension of 3 x 2 m, they are made of 80 x 80 mm section tubes, aluminium or steel, with nylon hooks to fix the net:

The Madison facade, our top-of-the-range goal and the removable facade that is assembled with reinforced aluminum connectors.

Metalu Plast offers the PostLock system on its Madison facade, which is a registered model for locking the uprights with internal clamping plates. It allows an extremely rigid assembly and ensures perfect durability. Thanks to the PostLock system, the routing and assembly of products becomes as simple as with a removable front panel while offering exceptional rigidity for high level handball.

As far as fixing is concerned, both fronts are available in a mobile or to be sealed version. Metalu Plast then offers you 7 types of hoops to adapt your goal to the desired game situation.

Handball fronts can be covered with plastic paint or with vinyl tape fixed on it.

Metalu Plast also offers solutions dedicated to school and street handball.

These 70 possible combinations in the Metalu Plast handball range allow us to offer you a certified quality solution from Origine France Garantie that adapts to all your projects and terrain configurations.