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Frequently asked questions

Environmental protection measures are an important factor in the choice of my suppliers. What does Metalu Plast do for the environment?

Throughout its operating cycle, and in its production choices, Metalu Plast is vigilant in its safety and environmental approach. Metalu Plast has been implementing, for several years, multiple actions whose objective is to improve, directly and indirectly, the ecological response of its production and its daily actions. The materials used by Metalu Plast are therefore essentially recyclable materials. The group outsources a number of activities that represent an ecological, safety or pollution risk to specialist partners. Suppliers are chosen for their commitment to an ecological approach and for the quality of the information provided on their products. Finally, Metalu Plast is working on several projects promoting sustainable development in all areas of activity: communication methods, production processes.

Can Metalu Plast install the products?

Metalu Plast focuses its activity exclusively on its core business: manufacturing. Metalu Plast’s partner customers are therefore the ones who sell and install the products for the benefit of the final buyers (local authorities, municipalities, clubs, etc.).

What is the Origine France Garantie label?

The Label Origine France Garantie was created in June 2010 by the Pro France association. It is the one and only label that certifies the French origin of a product, unlike the self-declarative statements “made in France”, “Made in France” which have few values and are questionable. The certification of the Origine France Garantie label is carried out by an independent certification body and is indisputable. The label is awarded on the basis of two cumulative criteria that companies must necessarily meet in order to obtain it:

  • Between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is French
  • The product takes its essential characteristics in France

What is the “Eurocode” standard?

Les Eurocodes sont des normes européennes de dimensionnement et de justification des structures de bâtiment et de génie civil. En tant que fabricant d’équipement sportif, nous devons respecter l’Eurocode 3 concernant le calcul des structures en acier (EN 1993).

Pour rappel, en cas de sinistre, les experts ou assureurs peuvent reprocher de ne pas avoir utilisé les règles en vigueur s’il apparaît que le calcul avec les eurocodes aurait pu permettre de l’éviter.

Afin de respecter la norme Eurocode 3, Metalu Plast a étudié une note de calcul très détaillée, permettant de garantir un respect de la norme. Pour la gamme clôture cela permet de dimensionner et de définir le nombre de poteaux en fonction des zones géographiques d’implantation et de la rugosité des environnement. Les résultats très précis et exhaustif de cette note de calcul sont disponibles à la demande et ne génèrent aucun frais supplémentaire. Et nous vous mettons très sérieusement en garde dans le cas ou vous choisiriez de faire appel à un prestataire qui ne vous le propose pas, car votre responsabilité et l’image de votre entreprise seront nécessairement impliquées en cas de sinistre.

How do I get my technical documentation?

Pour obtenir toute la documentation technique nécessaire à l’évolution de votre projet, n’hésitez pas à contacter notre service commercial au + 33 (0)2 31 23 22 00 ou par mail.

What are the delivery delays?

Metalu Plast’s sales team does not talk about delivery times but about the ” shipping date ” of the products from its sites. The average shipping time for our goods is, depending on the products, from 48 hours to 6 weeks:

  • 48 hours: accessories and nets
  • 8 days: 60% of the standard sports range (football, hand, volleyball, tennis, badminton, aluminium rugby 8 and 11 metres) and handrails
  • 3 weeks: basketball, sideline shelters, 14-metre rugby, changing rooms benches, stands, score tables, custom-made sports equipment, ball guards.
  • 6 weeks: multi-sport fields, mobile basketball competition goals.

Where the equipment ordered is delivered ?

Deliver is usually made to the customer’s address. If the Equipment must be sent to another address (final Customer, on site…), Please specify it with your order with a contact name on site.

The package / equipment is damaged upon reception, what should I do ?

Upon delivery you can either : accept or refused the equipment. Metalu-Plast recalls that it is the customer’s responsibility to make reservations for any damage, loss or missing. These reservations must be specific and should mention the nature of extent of the damage and the quantity for each references missing or damaged.

I would like to organize the removal of goods with my own carrier. Is this possible ?

For logistics reason, it is easier for Metalu-Plast to take care of the delivery. However, it is possible to arrange collection of the goods on your own. In this case, please just inform on time, your sales contact that will liaise with the logistics department.

What kinds of payment and terms ?

The payment terms depend essentially on the amount of the order and the coverage provided by our credit insurance. For all custom orders (balloons, handrails, multi-sport fields, basketball frames and other special products, a deposit of 30 to 50% of the order may be required.

Wich modes of transport are used?

Metalu-Plast uses different transport mode, depending on the type of goods. Overall, 3 modes are used : « Small package », « Messaging » and « Charters ».

Consult our advisors to find out the appropriate mode of transportation for your request.
You can also organize the removal of your goods yourself.

How to order Metalu Plast products?

Contact our sales department on + 33 (0)2 31 23 23 22 00. You can also send your request by email: The sales advisor in your area will then answer you and follow up on your file.
If you are an individual, a community, a club, we thank you for your interest in our products. Contact our sales department on + 33 (0)2 31 23 23 22 00 who will send you a list of partners able to answer your request.

How to request a price quote?

You’re already a customer. You can directly call your usual sales contact or write him to its direct email or at, or by fax : +33 (0) 2 31 23 12 55.

You’re not yet a customer. You can call our sales departement +33 (0)2 31 2322 00 or send your request directly by email, at, or by fax : +33 (0) 2 31 23 12 55.

I work in a sports club, a municipality, a campsite… and would like to order. Is that possible?

Metalu Plast has made the choice to weave and rely on a network of professionals, real partners to promote and install its products. Following the same strategy since its creation, Metalu Plast does not sell, in direct, to individuals, communities or associations. However, we will be happy to redirect you to our partners to reply at your request.

I would like to meet a tender, can you help me?

Metalu-Plast will be please to help you. For this, just send us your CCTP with your price request.

I would like to order a custom-made product, is it possible?

Since Metalu Plast is a pure manufacturer, we can design custom projects. Let our sales consultant know your needs and he will validate the technical feasibility of your request.