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Metalu Plast has built a complete range of Badminton posts for competitive use, training and school practice.

The competition badminton posts are made of square profiles made of plastic-coated galvanized steel. They offer an adjustable net height for the different play categories at 1400 and 1550 mm. Metalu Plast offers its customers competition posts in direct sealing or with base and floor mounting.

Metalu Plast has also designed equipment adapted to training and practice in schools. With a play height of 1550 mm, these posts vary according to the type of floor mounting:
Poles to be sealed
Self-supporting weighted mobile posts with roller base
With base to be weighted with sand for leisure.

A range of economical products, on platinum, completes the Metalu Plast badminton pole offer for small budgets.

Additional accessories allow you to equip your badminton posts with weights or sleeves.