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Classic Basketball

Basketball is an emblematic sport played throughout the world and dominated by the United States since the beginning of time. The sport has become particularly popular thanks to the NBA and its stars.

The dimensions of a FIBA-standard pitch

In accordance with the international standards established by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), a standard basketball court is 28m long and 15m wide. The basketball goal is located 1.20m from the touch line at both ends of the court, 7.50m away and 3.05m high.

The shooting lines mark the strategic areas of the court: the 3-point line is 6.75 metres from the basket. The free-throw line is 4.6 metres from the basket. Another special feature of the pitch is the area known as the “key”, where players from the attacking team cannot stay for more than 3 seconds when their team has the ball. The dimensions of this restrictive zone/racket are 4.90 m wide and 5.80 m long.

The basket 3×3

Much more than just a variation of traditional basketball, 3×3 basketball is a game that combines the intensity of classic basketball with the spontaneity and speed of street games. Popularised in urban districts, 3×3 has emerged as an official discipline with distinct rules and international status. As proof, 3×3 is one of the 3 new disciplines at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

They are smaller than those of a standard basketball court to encourage quick action and transition play. To be precise, the court is 15 metres long and 11 metres wide. The backboard is located at a height of 2.2 metres, slightly lower than the 3.05 metres required for traditional basketball. The 1-point shooting lines are marked 6.75 metres either side of the rim, while the free-throw line is marked 5.8 metres from the basket.

3×3 basketball courts can be built in concrete, asphalt or synthetic materials, and are often equipped with portable boards to make them easy to move around and set up temporarily for events.

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