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Over the last few months, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a number of wide-eyed teenagers to our offices, mainly in the workshop. However, Metalu has not yet become a trendy spot! These young people are the future recruits for the Metal academy, of which Metalu Plast is a partner.

The Metal Academy is a company-school based in Colombelles, modelled on production schools. It supports and trains all teenagers from the age of 15, including those who have dropped out of school, in the welding professions. It has welcomed 12 students since September 2023 and plans to welcome 32 students at the start of the 2024 school year.

What makes it special? An alternative teaching method based on “learning by doing”. At the Metal Academy, young people use their own hands to carry out orders placed by partner companies. In this way, they learn the technical skills, safety standards, quality rules and interpersonal skills they need to enter the world of work. Metal ACADEMY offers two diploma courses: The CAP RICS (Industrial achievements in boiler making or welding) welding option, and the BAC PRO TCI (Industrial boiler making technician). Initial feedback has been excellent, and Metalu Plast is very proud to be a partner of the Metal Academy. In fact, future employees may well be graduates of the Metal Academy.