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Metalu Plast presents its latest product: the indoor and mobile basketball goal!

Basketball goal for training with 6 possible heights
Hauteur (h) ; Déport (d) : de gauche à droite
h1 : 1,20 m / d1 : 0,70 m
h2 : 1,65 m / d2 : 0,70 m
h3 : 1,75 m / d3 : 0,90 m
h4 : 2,20 m / d4 : 0,90 m
h5 : 2,60 m / d5 : 1,20 m
h6 : 3,05 m / d6 : 1,20 m

In addition to being easily transportable thanks to its 4 wheels, you will be able to choose between 6 different heights from 1.20 m to 3.05 m with only one goal: perfect for the training

multi heights indoor mobile basketball goal low position for training use Metalu Plast

This product by Metalu Plast, which passes under the standardised doors, consists of a telescopic square steel mast and a weighted square steel trolley. The head of this basketball goal is adjustable by screw or gas according to your convenience and two backboards are available: the rectangular backboard and the half-moon. This equipment is fixed to the floor using 1 or 2 expansion dowels. Metalu Plast recommands the use of 2 dowels for an even better stability. 2 x 36 kg ballast weights with a protective cover are also supplied with this product.

multi heights indoor mobile basketball goal high position for training use Metalu Plast Metalu Plast manufacturer of sports equipment

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