Evolution of the standard for the conception of a tennis court

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The content of standard P90-110 has recently evolved, bringing with it a number of modifications to the design of tennis courts, in terms of both grounds and enclosures.

In the fencing sector, three major changes will have an impact on current designs. However, as far as Metalu Plast is concerned, this standard has no direct effect, as our production already complies with standard P90-110 of June 2023.

  • The standard defines the dimensions of fences to comply with the Eurocode. The Eurocode is a set of European technical standards that establish rules and calculation methods for the construction of structures, including fences. It helps to ensure higher quality and longer life for installations.
  • It also introduces the dimensioning of concrete blocks used in the construction of fences. Concrete blocks are crucial to ensuring the stability of fences. Standard P90-110 of June 2023 gives recommendations on the dimensions of concrete blocks depending on the nature of the ground in which the tennis court is to be installed.
  • Last but not least, recommendations on anti-corrosion treatments to be applied. Corrosion is one of the main enemies of metal enclosure, particularly in aggressive environments such as coastal or industrial zones. Standard P90-110 of June 2023 provides detailed guidelines on the preventive treatments to be applied to minimize the effects of corrosion and extend the life of fences.

In conclusion, standard P90-110 of June 2023 represents a major development in the design of tennis courts. It aims to improve the quality, durability and safety of fences.